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Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art which requires the use of only the hands and feet, without weapons. The main goal of Tae Kwon Do is to achieve total mind and body control.

The University of Pennsylvania Tae Kwon Do Club (ITF) is taught by master Felice Macera (5th degree black belt) in a traditional setting that emphasizes both mental and physical conditioning. Classes, scheduled approximately three times a week, are intended to challenge the body physically through aerobic and muscular conditioning while using the energy generated to create a better awareness of mental focus and control to be applied both inside and outside the training room. Through the mastering of forms and techniques, Tae Kwon Do encourages individual growth and enlightenment within a NON-competitve environment. We encourage individual achievement in a group-supporting environment where all are given equal opportunity to better themselves in both martial arts and their life pursuits.


Tae Kwon Do Aims to Achieve:

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Self-control
  • Perseverance
  • Indomitable Spirit



Wednesday beginner classes

The University of Pennsylvania Tae Kwon Do Club offers special classes to beginners and novices in Tae Kwon Do on Wednesday evenings. All members of the University City community interested in learning this Korean martial art, taught in a traditional setting, are welcome to attend. New and advance students train together with an emphasis on techniques and mental/physical conditioning geared toward the beginners. [ get started ]


Theory of Power

  • Reaction Force
  • Concentration
  • Equilibrium
  • Breath Control
  • Speed

How Do I Get Started?

Wether you are new to Tae Kwon Do or to martial arts all together, you are welcome to come to any or all of our classes. Students train together, from beginners to black belts, in a friendly supportive environment with no discrimination towards ability, sex, race, etc. We encourage people to come visit the club so they may decide whether it might offer them what they are looking for in a martial art.

Wednesday Beginners Class

If you have never done any martial arts before, you might want to start by coming to our Wednesday beginner classes which are geared towards the newest students. But, knowing that student's schedules are difficult, beginners are also welcome to all other classes, where they will be taught by senior students with the context of a normal class. When you come, be sure to wear comfortable exercise clothing (i.e.., sweat pants and a t-shirt) and don't worry about shoes :-)

If you already have experience in Tae Kwon Do or another martial art, you may still wish to start by coming to the Wednesday classes until you are comfortable with our club, or start right in on any of the classes scheduled. Bring your uniform and belt if you desire (especially if you hold the rank of black belt) -- ranking within our club for colored belts will be determined later, on an individual basis.

Should you have any questions not covered here or elsewhere on this web site, please feel free to contact us.

Master Felice Macera


For the fall and spring semesters, classes are held in either Houston Hall (Hous), Hill College House (Hill), Irvine Auditorium (Irvine), Vance Hall, Hoover Aud. (Vance) or the ARCH Auditorim (ARCH) « click for map », on Mon., Weds., and Fri., but please check back to this page or contact us for possible class time and/or location changes.

Meet Our Instructors

Master Macera started with the club in 1985 and took over in 1995 when Master D'Amico relocated to Boston.

  • Master Felice Macera


    Fifth Degree Black Belt
    Student of Master D'Amico since 1987

  • Joke Bradt


    Third Degree Black Belt

  • Malcolm Jones


    First Degree Black Belt

  • Master Anthony D'Amico

    Club Founder

    Seventh Degree Black Belt

  • Grand Master Ye Bong Choi

    Grand Master

    Ninth Degree Black Belt
    Instructor to Master D'Amico
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Rule Sheet

TAE KWON DO is a Korean martial art, which requires the use of only hands and feet, without weapons. The main goal of Tae Kwon-Do is to achieve total mind and body control.

Tae Kwon Do Aims to Achieve

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Self-Control
  • Perseverance
  • Indomitable Spirit

    Theory of Power

  • Reaction Force
  • Concentration
  • Equilibrium
  • Breath Control
  • Speed
  • School Rules

    1) Students must bow to the flags, Sah-Bum-Nim (Instructor) and all other high-ranking belts when entering or leaving the Toe-Chang (place of practice).

    2) Students must always RESPECT and OBEY the Sah-Bum-Nim and all other high-ranking belts.

    3) Students must use the words "SIR" and "MAAM" when speaking to a Sah-Bum-Nim or other high-ranking belts.

    4) When a Sah-Bum-Nim enters the Toe-Chang, the highest-ranking belt must call the class to attention and have the class bow.

    5) There should be an absence of unnecessary conversations in the Toe-Chang.

    6) Students must take class; they are not allowed to practice by themselves when class is in session.

    7) When a student must leave the Toe-Chang during training, he or she must first receive permission from the Sah-Bum-Nim.

    8) The Toe-Chang must always be kept clean.

    Basic Terminology

    Instructor Sah-Bum-Nim   Flags Ku-Kay
    Attention Cha-Ryoth   Dismissed Hecha
    Bow Kyung-Nae   One (1) Ha-Na
    Ready Jhoon-Be   Two (2) Tul
    Begin Shi-Jak   Three (3) Si-Et
    Stop Ko-Man, Ba-Ro   Four (4) Ni-Et
    Form Hyung   Five (5) Ta-Sut
    At Ease Shee-Ut   Six (6) Yo-Sut
    Turn Around Tiro-Dira   Seven (7) Il-Gop
    Uniform Do-Bok   Eight (8) Yo-Dul
    Place of Practice Toe-Chang   Nine (9) Ah-Hop
    Thank You Com-Sum-Nee-Da   Ten (10) Yul


    These rules must be read and memorized. You should be able to recite them upon the instructor's request.


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